Developing or revising a framework which provides organizational approaches to operations, communications, financial integrity, internal procedures and ethics

  • Financial Responsibility:

  • Accounting

  • Business and social enterprise plans

  • Project Management

  • All-business/Agency Operations

  • Systems and Program Evaluations

  • Staff Development and education


Long and Short Term Consulting, Back Office and Sub-Contractual Services

  • Budget Development and Compliance

  •  Internal Audit (policy and procedures development)

  • Preparation for the single Audit A 133

  • Bookkeeping and invoicing/bill paying, QuickBooks

  • Complete QuickBooks setup and training

  • All accounting processes

  • Payroll

  • Fiscal Grants Management through entire grant program lifecycle:

  • Development of plans for matching requirements; Identification and submission of required forms; Coordination of compliance; Submission of invoices and vouchers; Preparation and Obtaining approvals of grant modifications (carry over, reallocation, no cost extension requests); Monthly financial reports;  Cost allocation schedules, indirect rate negotiation; Closeout documentation (FFR)


Program Management and Support
  • Grant Writing

  • Program Management and Implementation

  • Reports

  • Project Outcome evaluation design, administration and analysis


Organizational Assessment (nonprofits only):


Via monitoring, observations, group and individual meetings, we will examine organizational systems and culture; determine whether that all P-components are synergized; and come up with useful recommendations

Organizational and Program Evaluation:


quantitative and qualitative evaluation of mission effectiveness, efficiency, and equity; outcome and process evaluations of selected projects, staff and/or organizational performance

Strategic Planning:


Discussion/brainstorming facilitation, strategic recommendations, plan creation/writing and publication

Problem Solving and Team Building:


We will utilize specific curricula and methods to create and implement team building skills and staff professional development. Description of the Curricula is here

Content Writing, Web & Graphic design

Special Services for small businesses and nonprofits

Business valuations, cost analysis, financial statements, budgets, business plans, reviews and audit, grants fiscal management, internal control advisory services

Event and professional conference planning and management



Meeting facilitation, retreats and conferences organizing

Staff professional development (trainings and retreats)

Cultural Diversity Trainings

Quick Books Training and Coaching






We use the 4P systems approach which sees an organization as interconnected cohesive structure where all components and functions are linked. We believe that POLICIES, PROCESSES, PRACTICES AND PEOPLE are allied in one organizational system; and the health of this system depends on well-being of each and every one of these parts.